AppleExpert fixed my liquid damaged 13″ Macbook Pro. I had done some research regarding logic board repairs I was impressed: they have the know-how and the equipment to do the job right the first time. I was also amazed by their turnaround time – super fast!    I would recommend the AppleExpert to family and friends with the highest degree of confidence.

Testimonial Bryan C Becker
Bryan C Becker
MacBook Pro

Very clean, straight to the point, fast and very professional. Would totally recommend.

Testimonial Jake Han
Jake Han

My little brother

broke my MacBook Air’s screen.

Everyone kept on charging me ridiculous prices. I found them online and gave them a shot. They fixed my screen for such low prices and the work was very clean.

Testimonial Kareem Ahmad
Kareem Ahmad
MacBook Air

My macbook pro stopped working, apple store quoted me around $650 to replace logic board, i took my mac to Apple expert for diagnose and they quote me $350 to repair my logic board. They called me next day to pick up my laptop, it took them less than a day to fix it….Thank you very much guys, your service was friendly, professional and fast…you saved me money.

Testimonial Chris Adams
Chris Adams
MacBook Pro 2012

My iMac stopped working all of a sudden. Apple said it can’t be fixed. My friend recommended them to me, and they fixed my iMac.

Their customer service is pretty good too.

Testimonial Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith

My MacBook Pro started acting up the past couple of weeks. I read about Apple Expert’s free diagnosis so i decided to give them a try. Totally worth, they were professional and explained exactly what was wrong with Mac, they later explained the fixing procedure and fixed it in no time.

Testimonial Ameen Khan
Ameen Khan
MacBook Pro