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Liquid DamageRepair

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All technicians and stores claim that they do fix liquid damage!!! they use alcohol and rice !!!!
Fixing liquid damage requires knowledge, experience, reading schematics, micro soldering experience, electronics trouble shooting, and special equipment and solutions!!! … WE DO HAVE THEM ALL !

Do NOT get fooled by stores and technicians who claim that they fix liquid damage MACs ! ask them to see their tools, schematics, equipment and their experience with fixing damaged logic boards.


We specialize in fixing logic boards and we back it up with 6 months warranty (we do not charge for estimate).


Apple Expert Liquid damage repair procedure:

  • Take apart the laptop.
  • Clean the motherboard with industrial Electronic detergent.mac-free-diagnosis
  • Dry out the motherboard.
  • Inspect the motherboard with microscope.
  • Replace corroded logic board circuit components.
  • Troubleshoot motherboard circuit by going through the logic board schematics.
  • Replace faulty components( transistors, capacitors, resistors, logic gates, amplifiers, others)
  • Test the motherboard.
  • Assemble the laptop.
  • Test the laptop (stress Hardware test).Apple Liquid damage
  • Test the laptop (stress software test



Check more repairs on our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2DqA31cOBEWteLA-VBYKg


Why is it that our prices are less?

Other stores charge a fortune because they replace your logic board but we actually perform and replace defective components (diodes, resistors, capacitors, charging chips, etc..) We fix it.

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