About Us

We are Calgary’s iMAC & Macbook repair specialists 



Apple Experts believes in good value. My name is Haider Issa, and I am an electrical engineer and have been working in IT since 2003. I started Appple Expert, in Calgary, in 2008. The goal was to improve the customer service experience in Apple iMac and Macbook repair. I want to help customers with their Mac problems. I found that most technicians didn’t care about the customer. They would charge a fortune for Apple product repairs. Apple Expert aims to change that. We care about our customers and we have the electronics, IT knowledge, experience and tools to do it. Don’t believe us? Ask us for proof!

We keep it simple, friendly, cost effective, fast, professional and we don’t charge for diagnosis or consultation. We will answer any questions. We are professionals and we care about customer experience.


  • We don’t charge for diagnose or estimates.
  • Repairs are done by professional Electronic Engineer and Certified Apple Tech
  • Certified Logic Board Repair
  • We assure you competitive prices
  • All replacements parts such as Keyboards, LCD Glass, LCD Screens, and Digitizers are sold at cost guaranteed!
  • In-House Repair
  • You speak with the technician
  • Simple friendly Process
  • Same day service
  • Original Apple parts
  • We recover / transfer your Data
  • More than 10 Years of experience
  • 5 Months warranty



Liquid / Water Damage Repair

Have you spilled liquid on your mac? Don’t panic, Apple Expert specialize in fixing liquid damage.

Logic Board Repairing

We specialize in logic board repair without replacing logic board.

Keyboard replacement/Trackpad Replacement

Our certified technicians can help you with all models (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro retina).

Password Removal

If you forget your MAC’s password, you will not be able to reinstall OSX on your Mac and Apple will not help you, but Do not worry!!

MacBook Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade

Changing your existing hard drive to solid state drive will speed your laptop more than 10 times.

Free Diagnostics

Don’t pay stores and technicians money to tell you that your logic board is broken or for diagnoses. We do it for free.

Data Recovery/ Transfer

AppleExpert will help you recover your lost data or move your existing data to where ever you want.

Battery Replacement

We replace your old battery with new battery to restore your macbook battery capacity to new condition.

Sell your Mac

AppleExpert buy working and damaged Apple laptops..We pay more than others.